Its not goodbye - my thank yous for all my colleagues in Dubai


Dear All

As i didn't get the proper chance to bid my farewell and my thank yous to all of you at the office, i would like to take this opportunity to do it here.

Even though I am certain that all of you do not need my thanking as a testimony to your excellent friendship, advices and assistance when i was working with you guys, I owe it to thank all of you by the conviction of my religion of Islam that teaches me: " Those who thank not people, thank not God" --Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Time is really not on my side and i will not be able to meet some of you guys before i leave. I just hope that i will be able to meet you people again, someday. For the world is small and almost nothing is impossible.

Take good care everyone. It has been a long, bumpy ride, but i enjoyed the time when we work together as a group. I will remember everyone as part of good memories for yet another dot in my journey through life. Butterfly is now ready to take off, once again!

Sayonara, Ilal liqa, jumpa lagi!!



another beginning

Im excited. To say the least.

This could be my best bet.

Theres a few people told me that i will be successful in business, when i am more than 30 years old.
In Sha Allah. I hope what they said will come true.

This is big. At least for me. There are a lot at stake, a lot of responsibilities.

I believe, Allah put me here for a reason.

I want to be what i am supposed to be.

In Sha Allah.

Let this be it, Ya Rabbi...amin.

DCT/ECT-you are my baby!

the working weekend

Its a long weekend.
Started very early, at 830 am, when i woke up with a pumping heart.

Whats up?

I'm lagging behind, again. Have to catch up.

Changed my position. My bed made some sound. OK...i know im gaining weight.

Changed again. 835. I need some more sleep. My eyes darting, saw the big Aramex bag on top of my chess of drawers. Darn it. Please vanish.

845. Bloody hell!!
Took my towel, on the lappy.
Cafe World. Hmm... 915...gosh... Yalla lets go shower.

Gone for coffee,nice weather.Breakfast and start to surf for news.
1135.Lets start to rummage the Aramex bag.
Hmm...documents not complete. No business cards either (Jimmyyyyy!!!!)

2pm-hmm...MA called. Said i made him worried last night (called me once, i didnt pick up and he is worry? Somehow thats not that convincing, mister. If u called like 50 times and i didnt answer, that more like it). heh

3pm-client's webpage. Registering my company there. Do something for DCT/ECT (cool name btw).

430. I give up

Cant wait to see the ever green again.

What time la?? hmm...



Why is my dashboard in Arabic?
Each time i want to login to my blogsite, it will confuse me as i didnt know where to click.
And the password box is on the right side! Even after so many times doing it, im still confuse.

So...when ill know how to understand Arabic?
Sobhi... come on.... teach teach ana please..

Nak baca che-ni dotcom... but theres no new entry...

Peninglah ana...



Saturday. Last saturday.
It was declared as Public Holiday inthe UAE, in conjuction with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) birthdate.
I went to City Centre. First to the CBD. Took some dirhams and went to check for my online pin number.
Then to City Centre Hotel, to check if there is any problem with my coordiation as my first row of seminars start on 8th. Everything was fine. Met Dr. Hani, Rolnd Bergh, Chris loyd and of course my favourite, Peter Fargus. Fine speakers. All from UK, except Roland who originated from South Africa.
Spent 10 minutes there and went to the shopping centre.
Went to Classics session, hoping to find "Little Men".
I saw someone's hand reaching for a book just next to the one i took. Looked up, i think that guy was talking to me.
"Excuse me?"... one hand under my hijab, trying to take off my headphone.
He smiled (pak arab ni)
"I asked..are you from Indonesia?"
"Oh... no...i was from Kuala Lumpur"
Then i moved to Mystery session.
The same hand picking up a book right in front of my nose.
Too muchhhh....
"I'm from Egypt"
Move ..move
"Why are you wearing abaya?"
"Err... "
"Are you muslim?"
"Yes, alhamdulillah"
"How old are you?"
He looked at me with a very courious look that somehow makes me frown.
"How old do you think i am?"
"24 or 25 are good numbers"
"Im older"
"Can i have your mobile number?"
Thats when i took "Pride and Prejudice" and walked to the counter....


aku l.e.t.i.h

Pusing pusing Hor Al Anz.

Akhirnya i'm here again.

3 lelaki bertanyakan kasih. Aku letih! Aku tak mahu! Aku tak mampu!

Letih menyatakan reasons. Tiada yang understand?



Tinggalkan sahaja ana!!!

Sigh... tidur lagi bagus...


till t.o.d.a.y

Its soooo long i didnt post any entry.
lazy? a bit.

so whats up?
new year... im 31 years this year. wow...

resolution? wanna go back to KL and take back my size 29 jeans. wakaakaka...

till next day lah... sleepy pulok!


nothing to DWELL about...

My firts encounter with a 'lembut' Arab.

That was funny.
We went to Sahara Centre yesterday.
The main attraction was the 70% discount at Home Centre.
I woke up at 10am. We went out at 11.30am.
NIce.. spend DH200 and get a chance to win a Hummer H2.
Ok..im in! ehehe

So..we went rounding.
I went to see some abaya.
Thinking of buying one for Eid and of course, for work.
Expensive stuff. But they are at the same price anywhere anyway.
Didnt buy any.
I bought a capri and pants at Marks and Spencer.

And then went to DWELL.
Was thinking of buying another bath towel.
Hey.. the pillow cases are on sale.
I might as well buy a few, for my future home.
DH19 per pillow case.
Got two. One without price tag, but should be the same price, i tot.

Went to the counter.
Is this the same price as this one?
The guy, i think didnt speak much English, nods.

Scanned and enter. Its DH29.
29? I dun want it then. No point.
And scanned another one, DH19.
Ill take two of DH19.
He looked at me and say i cant do that.
That i need to pay for the 29+19.
I said, NO. i dunt want that.
And he said no...cant refund (and pointing at his large till machine).

Persistence Aida (trying to use her consumer power). No. U must find a way to do refund.
I will not pay for this (he got my DH50 on his hand, by the way).
He made a call.
He was explaining the incedent, i know-of course i am to blame-.
Wait 1 minute ok.
Haleema is standing besides me and loudly whispering 'this man didnt know what he is doing'.

Another man came.
The soft arab explained again.
The man bz scanning...and the soft guy been barked at.

Got my change.
Waited for my two pillow cases to be packed.
The soft guy took his time doing that, he went to serve another cust first.
I almost walked off with two pillow cases unwrapped.

Learnt a few things.
1. Be a tough cookie, dont always nod your head
2. The soft guy might be a new clerk, let yesterday be the day he learnt that everything can be reversed out
3. Soft Arab guy is yuckie...
4. The pillow cases are lovely..lovely (sing using Kooala's strawberry song)

When outside, we agreed.
The shop, theres nothing to Dwell about.

And we spent DH600 alltogether.
Got 3 chances to win the Hummer... cross your fingers baby!!!


20th Ramadan... finally

Sept 20,2008.

Its funny.
At 4am, during suhur, my friend asked me.
Did the guy called you yet?
He meant Christopher.I rolled my eyes.
Yesterday was Friday-rest day.
And he rolled his eyes back at me... 'So?'.
No answer for that, mister!

Its a lovely morning.
Its Saturday, the family's favorite day of the week.
Being the 'baba' not working, means we can go out the house to the malls.

Did my morning ritual - the shower, pray,dishes,kitchen floor sweeping-.
Then went online. And my phone rang.
Its Christopher!
Do you have any plans today Aida?
Nothing exciting?
I am excited now, that i am getting a call from U.
He he
So if you didnt have any plans, can you come again to DKV to meet one of our Managing Director, Mr Mohamed?
Oh! What time?
Ok.. i think that should be no problem.

So...here's the address - Glomacs LLC, Block 2B, Office number F08, Dubai Knowledge Center. Be prepared, ok. Check our website at www.euromatech.com
Rite. I will.
Ok.. I will call the DKV's office to tell them that they will be seeing you at 1pm then.
Ok Christoper.
Ok Aida.

So i asked my friend's wife.
Is he at home?
No.. he went to Abu Dhabi this morning?
Yes, and he is telling me that he will be bringing 4 men home for iftar.
oppss.... Im going to DKV for another interview! And i only have DH80.
Woooo...Ok..its 10.30. I need a plan B!
Where can i find a money changer?
Sahara Center.
Ok.. zoooommm...

Browse the webpage, jot down a few crucial info, and then ironing my hijab, shower, and by 11.10, i am at the lift.
Of course Hashem-their younger son- is crying and asking if he can come along.
Im sad to leave him too.. If only my friend can send me, ill bring the whole house with me :)

So.. with brave heart -u know i hate Dubai's taxi- i walked out.
Alhamdulillah... i didnt have to wait long.
Sahara center pls. 5 minutes drive. Dh6.25

In i go.
Guard, can you tell me where is the money changer?
Straight this way, to your right, walk straight.
RIte.Found it.
RM1 = Dh1.
Ok.. Changed some money, went out, and alhamdulillah, another cab came.

Im following one of the taxi driver's advise (the driver for my first trip to DKV, he told me to just go in the cab, shut the door and tell the driver where to go. I dont have to open the door, ask if they will send me. As the driver shouldnt refuse any location. The cabs in Dubai is under RTA -Road And Transport Authority).

So... in the cab.
I said - DKV-
The cab driver is a bit taken aback.
Yeah, its far, and the traffic is so heavy.
He asked me which road i wanna use.
Told him, well..this is my third trip there, and i wasnt driving that three time, so humour me.
He used foreign roads.
But alhamdulillah, i arrived at 12.05. Dh69.50

Block 2B.
Phone rang. Its Christoper again.
Hi Aida, how r u?
Im good, thanks, how are u?
Im ok. Say...where are you now?
Well, just arrived at DKV. Searching for the office.
Wow, you are super early!
Yes, i am, as i am cabbing, so better early than late.
Yes, yes. So.. you found the unit?
No... theres no F8 here..
Its to your left, and its on 1st floor.
Oh..theres the stairs. Great!! Is there any reason why you are calling me, Christopher?
No.. no reason. I just want to know where you are, if you are able to make it..
Ermm... Christoper, you are just so considerate! Tell me, is Mr Mohamed as nice as you are?
No.. he is much nicer. Hahahahahaha...
ok.. i am now in front of Glomacs.
Great. Let me call the colleague there and tell him that you are here and if Mr Mohamed will have you now, instead of 1pm.
Ok..thanks a million Christopher.
No problem Aida, bye.

Now.. thats what i call as a super future boss!

So..Mr Mohamed. He is nice, but i like Christoper more. hehehe
Talked with Mohamed for 20 minutes or so. Egyption, i think.
And he told me that the fact that i was called to meet him is just a formality.The job is mine, and they already like what they saw in my resumes and the two interviews that i went thru.
And so.. we talked about his company and Kuala Lumpur.
he told me that he went to kuala lumpur 14 years back and did a training at PWTC, stayed in Pan Pacific.
Half of the time i just smiled. He mummed his words!

Anyway.. after talking, he told me that i can start working as soon as tomorrow, or after Eid. Of course, the sooner i join them then better. I will be stationed at Aztech, one of their sister company that deal mostly with KL and SEA trainings.

We talked about logistic, as DKV is very far from Sharjah, and may be Deira's office - Christopher's place- is better for me. But the Aztech is better-career wise.

Im fine with anything.
And theres transport from Dubai to DKV..now i will only need to find a room in Dubai town now..

So Aida, tell me when you want to start. We will work it out from there.
Ok Mr Mohamed, i will call you before 3pm today to tell you when ill join. If i am joining you.
Ok, ask for my name card from my assistant outside and call me, okay.
Thats it. Im done with you.

Ok.. i am happy.
Finally i can rest my resume sending activity.
Gone down. Called my friend. He is not picking up his phone.
Called Christoper.
Im done with Mr Mohamed. He told me that i can start tomorrow.
Reallly? Ok.. so u still in DKV? Did he told you to go to any other place for anything?
Ok.. give me a few minutes. Let me make a call to check.

He called again. And told me i can leave DKV and to call Mr Mohamed before 3pm.
Walked out.
Alhamdulillah..theres a cab!
Sharjah At Tawaaun.
Arrived home at 120pm. Another DH70.
My friend was suprised, as i am supposed to be interviewed at 1pm..how come im homed at 120?
Lol.. told her all about it, and basically, all are happy.

So called Mohamed at 330pm. Talked about benefit. The benefit is as usual - Basic salary, accommodation allowance, annual return ticket to KL and annual leaves. Bonus, of course.
And i told him ill join him after Eid.
So he said, ok.. join us on 5th Oct.

So ok.
I dont have to go out of Dubai to change my visit visa to residence visa, as my sponsor already extended my visa till 6th November, they will change it from here, need not me go out from Dubai.

So..there goes my ticket with Qatar Airways.
Whats im going to do in the remaining 14 days of jalan jalan cari pasal are:

1. Find out where is the pickup station for the transport to DKV's office
2. Find a room nearby
3. Shopping..ehehe
4. Register for Driving License

Thats it.
After 41 days in Dubai.
After almost 400 resumes.
I landed a job.
A good one.
I hope ill enjoy it. I know i will.
I mean, i have a good feeling about this job and the people.

Happy happy lah? Alhamdulillah...


m|sadventure |n the sand

Its supposed to be my favourite day of the week.
I am a Thursday die-hard fan.But today, its somehow become the longest Thursday ever!

18 Ramadan.
I went to an interview at Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) on Wednesday.
That was, well.. a nice experience, minus the expensive Taxi ride (DH127 to and fro).
I wont be talking about it, as i managed to get a second interview today.

Did the same thing as Wednesday.
Woke up for sahur at 3.50am, iron my clothes, Fajr, nap for an hour, and went off with my friend. Except, today, the interview is at 11am. Julie, the Philippines woman who interviewed me gave me the landmark - Silver Building, behind Abu Hail Centre (AHC), in front of Automatic restaurant, office number 3, Mezzanine floor. When asked the name of the road - she said "I think its Abu Hail Road mam... and if u are lost, please call me at this number and i will guide you there". Fair enough.

Out of home at 7.30am. Arrived at Prosecution Department of Dubai (PDD), same place as Dubai Court - my friend's site office - at 8.50am. I planned to kill my time here till 10am by eye balling Arabs/expart in the PDD. :)

Everything goes ok. I spoke to my friend before i went off, he gave me a few interview tips, and off i go... finding a cab. Not too long (+-15 minutes), as PDD is a 'popular' place, hence cab isnt a problem. "Abu Hail Centre" said Aida. "Naam" said the taxi Driver - "Maktoum Bridge of Floating Bridge?" "Whats the different? Maktoum pls"" i love the Shaikh" - The last statement i said it in my mind, of course.

5 minutes drive. Ok.. cool.. ample time.. now.. where is The Silver building? On my mind, of course, im searching for a silver coloured building. Hmm.. BEHIND AHC eh.. ok.. lets walk.. sigh..i have my 3" heels..why???

Anyhow.. walked to the side of the building. Ok..theres a door saying its "Silver Home Building". Stepped in. Saw the directory board "HR consulting -M06-M07". Is this it? Where's the Automatic restaurant? Lift..to M floor pls...One round...no number 3!

Second round, i heard "Yes my sister".. erkk.. the guard is talking to me. So... politely "Im searching for Office No 3, for Euromatec?". Hmm... guard look confused. Bad sign..wheres the lift just now?

Alhamdulillah, guard is a nice one. Stopped a woman (another Pinoy), and asked if her office is somehow called Euromatec, any staff named Razeef? Pinoy look confused "We have too many staff mam.. i dun think so, but we are not Euromatec". Fair enough... i am ready to go searching again.

Guard asked - U got the phone number sister? Of course. Here it is. Come with me. ooo... walked behind good Guard. He took his phone, and asked me for the number. I gave him my handset (i am not known as a person who remember numbers). He rolled his eyes. "This number in Dubai sister, this is Deira". I make my eyes smaller and said "yes, i know. This number belongs to the other office, I am here for an interview with the Head office".

Ok. Understood. He called Julie and la la la la.. He made notes. Put down the phone and asked me, "are you familiar with the place?". What a question. I kept my smiling face anyway. Thinking that i didnt need his help. I am so ready to go and explore. Cant he see my heels?I said "Not really". Ok.. good guard looked at his colleague and then to me "go to the reception area. I will come in 3 minutes, ill bring u there". Ok. Why not, ek?So happen that he finished his shift, that is.

So i followed good guard, for the second time of the day. Julie dear, of u are reading, no way on earth the Silver building is behind AHC. Automatic restaurant is not opposite of the Silver Building. Its in the South East of the building. Help Julie, Galileo! Thank you thank you good guard.

So far so good, so nice, i so in love with Thursday still. Went to M floor. Renovation! But ok.. lots of ppl. Arab guy asked me "come for interview?" What else? Heh.. Yes, with Razeef pls. To his subordinate - Call Razeef. Pls sit. OK. Can u stop drilling? Hehe

Razeef came (i think he is Razeef). Commented on the renovation process with the Arab guy. Said to the wall, eyes on me "We have a Malaysian Candidate coming for an interview today". Aida said "U can tell from my attire?" "No..i have your resume on my desk". Arab guy come to the conversation "Malaysia? Where at?" Kuala Lumpur. Nice. Which part u stay? U know Ampang? Ampang, yes... ha ha ha. Ok.. so uve been there, big deal.

Razeef, one hand on Arab's shoulder - Kuala Lumpur is our second Dubai. Ok.. Dubai is my second Kuala Lumpur (on my mind, again, of course..i dun wanna fail my interview at the reception area). Theres a few other candidates there, and they were looking at me. I smiled. Kinda telling "the job is mine babies...". Ha ha ha ha

After waited for 40 minutes, i was called.
A Philippines guy, by the name of Christopher came in and we talked. Was a nice one. He asked a lot of questions, and i answered, well, since its ramadan, i cant lie, told him a few half truth.

Interesting new job. I had an opinion that they are an HR Consulting company, u know, the one that interview people and then send them to other companies and gain commission. Well, i am wrong. I am interviewed for a position in that company. Whoooppyy!! I like... Their main business is in HR Trainings, and i am interviewed for the Administration Dept. Cool! I love being a planner. Theres chances of travelling too.. and ahem.. be a trainer later on? :)

1 hour with Christopher. Charming. He said he love (ahem..love, not like) my smile. And my confidence (he made me feel like im his friend) and so on. Anyhow, if i manage to get an offer, ill know next week, insyaAllah.

The 1 hour-ended at 12.30noon, is a good Thursday that i love. The remaining of the day - a complete mess.

There's four MAJOR thing that i hate about Dubai and they are all related.
1. Traffic Jam
2. Taxi
3. Bloody drivers
4. Road constructions

12.30noon.Dubai. Ramadan. Its HOT. Jammed. The drivers is honking like mad.
And Aida is hailing for a cab home. Sharjah? No.. too much traffic.
Hailed another cab, no Sharjah, ok.

Walk, try another locations. 2 hours, blazing sun, walked and try to figure out of i am at the right side of the road.2.30pm. Called my friend. Going home soon? No aida, today ill go home may be at 9pm. Fine, ill try again.

Ahh.. Ramada hotel. Go in. Walked like i own the place. Sat down at the good fluffy reception sofa. 10 minutes, Aida, dont fall asleep. Times up. In front of the hotel now.. try to hail a cab again. No avail. Ok..lets walk. I realised i came back to the Silver Building. I feel like i am filming the Blair Witch Project!

Called another friend. What should i do? Bus? Where? How? I never bus here. Sigh, i dont want to talk to you, you are not helping (yeah, he was on his way from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, no hope).

Saw a masjed. Cool. I need to pray. Went in.. air cond..alhamdulillah. Prayed. Toing..idea... lets stay in here at least till the honking stopped.

3.53pm, Asar. Prayed. My Abu Dhabi friend called. Where are you. Still here. Here where? Behind AHC. Ok.. Im at Bur Dubai. Wanna come for iftar?Why not. The honking hadnt stopped.

Ok.. Taxi or Bus to Bur Dubai, ill wait. Ill try.
God, i really tried. Called my friend. I am still here. Its 4.40!
OK.. i will take taxi to u at AHC.
Ok, now, ill wait.
5.30pm - Aida, still no taxi.
6.00pm - Aida, im still at Bur Dubai. If its iftar time, go buy some drinks, dont eat, wait for me. Ok.. Coke pls!! In my beg it goes, and to the Masjed again.

6.27pm, azan. Break my fast.
7pm. My friend called. He is still there!!
Can i just go home? No. Please wait.

A guy approached.U need taxi? (Taxi drivers in Dubai wear uniforms and they dont do this asking, its the other way around).

No, im waiting for a friend. Ok.One round. He is in front of me again.Aida is tired and hungry.
How far is Bur Dubai from here? Are u driving a taxi?
Yes, Bur Dubai is not that far.
Ok, im calling my friend to ask if they managed to get a taxi, ok.
U still there? Ok, ill come to u, i have a cab, now talk to the driver on your location.

Ok.. so it is not a taxi. Just a pakistani man wanna make an extra income, doing 'car lift business'. Ok. No hal.
Went to Bur Dubai, of course, some conversation (background check is more appropriate) with the driver.
Im arrived. How much?
Free sister, i like talking to u. Here is my number, if you finished here and want to go back to Sharjah, call me, ill send u.
In your dream.

So free ride..kinda like Thursday again.
My friends. How pity us are.I waited since 12.30noon for a cab.U guys waited since 4.40pm. What should we eat to celebrate?

Briyani. Yum Yum. HUGE portion. We should just order one, share among us three.

8.25pm. Let us send you home. Let us find you a cab.
Gosh.. again? Should i show the taxi driver my tight this time?
3 cabs. Sharjah? Too much traffic (again).

Bus Aida!But i never bus here. What if i get lost?
You wont.So ok. Ill try.

Cute small bus. Reminds me of Bali.
The best thing? DHs5 and ladiesssssssssssssssssss firts. No need to Q ladies.Woohoo..

So...bus i go.Till Sharjah City Center.And guess what?I still need to hail a cab home.
But of course, alhamdulillah, it is better.

1. Sharjah to Sharjah - what heavy traffic at 9.30pm?
2. Shopping centre - taxi line..superb

So.. i counted. My turn was at the 17th taxi. Not bad. No hailing required.

At Taawun road pls. Pakistani again, so little english.
U turn, sister?
Fly if u can please.

Arrived at 9.52pm. Its a 10 minutes drive.Dhs7.25.
I only have a DH100 note.
The cab driver only have DH40 change.
What worst can happen now?
I go change. U wait.

I know the driver think - there goes my fare.
But i am tooooo happy to be in his cab that i ran cross the road to a shop, changed my money and gave the driver a Dh10 note, with a sweet smile and two sorries.
One by me, one by him.

And now.. hot showered, sipping luke warm water and tired eyes, blistering foot, aching shoulders.

And Thursday is o.v.e.r.